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Spend your senior years in safety and tranquility!

Spend your senior years in safety and tranquility! Spend your senior years in safety and tranquility!

Welcome to our Senior Apartment House!

Welcome to our Senior Apartment House! Welcome to our Senior Apartment House!


Welcome to the Senior Residence Golden Age Apartment House in Sopron. Thank you for honoring us with your attention and trust. All our colleagues are making an effort to facilitate and improve the daily life of our Residents by providing them with the best possible care. We put a great emphasis on making our Residents feel safe and regard their newly chosen apartment as their home. The following description contains all the information that could help you before making a decision.

Everything for the comfort of our Senior Residents!

The Gold Apartment House takes into consideration all the requirements arising from aging and maintains a high quality service meanwhile. Barrier-free ramps and elevators help reaching each point inside the building and outside the garden. The Apartment House consists of 46 dwelling units, each containing one or two beds that may provide proper accommodation for 65-75 people. The size of the bedrooms is between 34 and 50 square meters with a bathroom - as well as an entrance, depending on the size. The furnishing of our apartments follows the requirements provided by the primary disease of our Residents. Rounded edges, washable walls and floor are professionally serving our Residents' needs and provide a warm, welcoming environment meanwhile. Lavatory, toilet and barrier-free shower are parts of the bathrooms' basic equipments. Rooms are well-lit and wide with parquet flooring. All apartments are equipped with cable TV connection, telephone, nurse-call button and can easily be furnished by our Guests.

Our caregivers provide support in all areas of life whether it is about physical or psychological help. Our ecumenical prayer room makes it possible to practice religion individually or in groups inside the building, since in order to reach recovery soul care is just as important as our physical wellbeing. The Catholic Priest and Calvinist Pastor hold mass on a monthly basis. The family atmosphere is maintained by the managers of the institution by being a good host and by their constant presence. We are regularly organizing events inside the Apartment House for the sake of our Residents, based on their preferences. These may consist of a wide range of activities, just as cultural ones as well excursions and celebrations.




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  •  Dr. Rezső Milós and his Wife
  • Dr. György Gellért and his Wife
  • Sándorné Dobos

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