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Spend your senior years in safety and tranquility!

Spend your senior years in safety and tranquility! Spend your senior years in safety and tranquility!

Welcome to our Senior Apartment House!

Welcome to our Senior Apartment House! Welcome to our Senior Apartment House!


Instead of feeling defenseless let us serve you!

Welcome to the presentation of the first, privately-owned Seniors' Residence in Sopron! As people work all life long they are reasonably expecting their retirement age to be calm and happy. Instead of that we hear it endless number of times through the media, from acquaintances that a senior person, who needed to live alone was found dehydrated, cold and dead just because he couldn't get help in time. Such stories I wouldn't ruffle your feathers with.

In the Gold Apartment House our Residents are living freely in peace and tranquility, under observation.

The Apartment House consist of 46, one- or two bed apartments, which are serving the needs of Singles, Siblings, married and unmarried Couples alike. A kitchenette and a large bathroom belong to the apartments.

Meals are being served three times per day in our restaurant. The center of community life of the Apartment House is the dining room and lounge that provides a convenient place for major gatherings and event organizations. Our further community rooms are the lounges on each floor, equipped with television, the ecumenical prayer room on the ground floor. We're providing cultural programs and individual sessions in order to spend free time more effectively.

24-hour nursing- and medical care are constantly provided in the House for our Residents. Patients are being treated by a specialist. Apart from that several types of services are provided for our Residents, such as library, prayer room, buffet, laundry, cleaning service, physiotherapist, hairdresser, pedicurist, seamstress and repairman.

Our Apartment House is fully open, our Residents may leave any time they wish and their relatives may visit them whenever they feel like. So as to raise their feeling of comfort our Residents may furnish their apartments with their own furniture. Reaching the retirement age is a criterion for moving in. Our Residents are buying the usage of apartments then pay a monthly fee.

The Gold Apartment House takes into consideration all the requirements arising from aging and maintains a high quality service meanwhile. Barrier-free ramps and elevators help reaching each point inside the building and outside the garden. A spacious entrance hall welcomes our Guests and Residents. The protected garden is a perfect place for an afternoon siesta. The South facing sunlit balconies are providing a pleasant relaxation.

If you would like to spend your senior years in an Apartment House in an exceptionally beautiful environment, we recommend you to become a Resident of the GOLD Apartment House.






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About us

  •  Dr. Rezső Milós and his Wife
  • Dr. György Gellért and his Wife
  • Sándorné Dobos

About Sopron

"Sopron, the city of museums" - how appropriate that statement is! The winding roads, the atmospheric places and the arched doors of the houses in the inner city district, the artistic balconies and architectural monuments, the public buildings and the from place to place emerging parts of the city wall are creating a unique, artistic unity." Read more >>

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Why would you choose us?

  • We do all we can for our Residents' comfort.
  • The building itself is completely barrier-free
  • Convenient apartments that are easy to furnish
  • Qualified nurses, devoted staff
  • High quality services
  • Constant, 24-hour nursing care, medical observation
  • Covered parking lot with 46 private places


About us

'A hundred-year-old judge was greeted' - Recently did Dr. GyörgyGellért, the vice chairman Supreme Court, celebrate his birthday. He is the son of the late OszkárGellért and also living in Sopron. He has also been greeted in the jubilee by his former colleagues. More >>